About Dharmata

We specialize in partnering with clients who have an organic foundation. Whether a corporate entity or non-profit organization, our goal is to support companies with products and services that enhance people’s lives. With a diverse range of clients, spanning the professional services, technology, arts & entertainment, travel & hospitality, and lifestyle industries, dharmata has an extensive media contact base and breadth of knowledge to develop result-driven strategies.

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Corporate Background

At dharmata, the more aligned we are with your company, the better the results will be. That’s why, as a boutique agency, we don’t just partner with our clients, we become a part of their team. Enhancing the service we deliver is our exclusively senior-level staff that understands how to think about challenges differently and therefore brings an edge to each campaign. And to ensure that our programs are of the quality and standard that client’s desire, dharmata is certain to believe in and have a passion for the companies we engage.

With the extensive strategic relationships we maintain and the many categories we specialize in, such as luxury travel and hospitality, film, music, organic products, books, food and beverage, nonprofit, and technology, dharmata has the tools to make your brand a success. In fact, we have the industry breadth to launch a public relations campaign unlike many others in our field. We have organized everything from special events with a huge celebrity following to the Green with Music green chic luxury suites, Keep Organic Organic campaign to the launch of ApeXtreme. And it’s this range and versatility combined with founder Beverly Visty-Doman’s Hollywood connection that makes dharmata so unique.

As an established public relations firm, dharmata has long been on the cutting edge. Before going green was on everyone’s radar, dharmata was heavily involved in spreading awareness about organic products and lifestyles. We’re able to recognize trends before they become trendy and have a pulse on how to leverage products in an ever-changing environment. What’s more is, as a boutique firm, we have the flexibility to adopt out-of-the-box strategies and creative programs that help our clients stand out from their competition. At dharmata we believe in being prepared to change.  What worked in the past may not work in the future. We don’t just do the same things better. We look for ways to pursue our vision, along side yours and your desired brand. We challenge ourselves to explore, experiment and anticipate. 

We look forward to working with you!